No ano em que foi formalizada a criação da linha temática de investigação do IHC “Humanidades Digitais e Investigação Histórica”, a coincidência de ver publicado um número especial da revista IJHAC com resultados de um workshop organizado na FCSH em 2011!

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Historians have used printed media such as books, letters, diaries, newspapers and magazines for centuries, yet now that the web has/is replacing that, the web is tomorrow’s historical resource.

Relationships between  historical ‘text’ sources, data and interpretation,  the construction of memory, and the sustainability of digital products in this fast changing technological age, are all issues facing historians and academics who record our past. But a special issue of IJHAC, guest edited by Daniel Alves, brings the digital closer to the vast historical academic community.

It starts with special consideration to the papers and stresses that the textual focus of digital tools and methods is enabling new ways of exploring old sources.

“…the formulation of different questions, difficult to think of and/or resolve in a efficient way in a recent past: be it the discovery of inter-textual relationships hidden in tens of thousands of letters between writers of past centuries, that can…

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